Monthly Archives: June 2013

Hedva and Ron – Mountain View Maternity Photography

Hedva was so cool and fun throughout our email correspondences prior to the photo session that when I finally met her, I felt like she was an old friend.

And meeting Ron convinced me that some Southern California Trojan fans are pretty awesome!

They were so creative and we had a bunch of ideas for their photo shoot.

I was excited about all the fun things we could try and glad we were able to implement many of the ideas into their session.



An infant jersey!

Ron and Hedva, you two are one of the sweetest and cutest couples I have had the opportunity to photograph!  Your baby is one lucky girl!

Baby R – Santa Clara Baby Photography

Baby R is 2 months old and her parents, Ash and Manasi, were excited to get some photographs of their sweet baby daughter.

I don’t know how Ash and Manasi manage not to eat those feet for breakfast!

Or those fingers.

When I arrived for the session, Baby R was fast asleep…

… and she continued to nap almost the entire session.  Which is amazing, considering she went through about 3 wardrobe changes and was even placed in a lunchbox for about a split second.

Although I am sad I didn’t get a glimpse of your bright brown eyes, thank you for being such a sleepy dreamy baby, Baby R!  Sweet dreams.

Sophie and Darius – Orange County Engagement Photography

A sunny but windy day in Corona Del Mar, it was.*

Darius had proposed to Sophie on a lifeguard station overlooking the ocean so this is where their engagement session began.

You can’t even tell Sophie and Darius were rock climbing right before this shot was taken…

… or this shot.

I loved how effortlessly Darius made Sophie laugh.  Laugh it up, fuzzballs!*

But my favorite photos of Sophie and Darius were the ones that captured them simply getting lost in eachother.

Sophie and Darius, you two are so sweet together.  I am so happy to have had the opportunity to capture these moments for you.

* Because Darius is a big fan, my sad attempts to make references to the Star Wars movies, these are.  I apologize, in advance, if the references don’t make much sense.  I do have my moments; not many, but I have them.*