Natalie and Carleton - Los Altos Maternity Photography

Natalie and Carleton are one of the coolest couples you will ever meet.  I first met Natalie and Carleton through friends a few years ago and everytime we have been able to hang out, it's always a fun time.  If you are ever lucky to meet them, make sure to ask to see the bicycle video.  Trust me on this one. A few months ago, I received a mysterious email from a Mrs. D asking about scheduling a maternity shoot.  It was from Natalie and I was so excited to find out that they were expecting!

So early one Saturday morning... okay, REALLY early one Saturday morning, Natalie, Carleton and I met up for their maternity session!

It is always kind of a personal challenge for me to photograph friends because I so want them to love the results... which is the same reason it's always a special treat as well!  Also, I get to ask if they'll meet me at the crack of dawn on a dark hiking trail.

Carleton kept us laughing throughout the session with his wit and humor.  Natalie was a great sport, hiking up and down hills at my direction.  She's a runner so I suppose a little walk wasn't a big deal for her.

They are going to be such awesome and fun parents!

Natalie and Carleton, thank you for allowing me to take these photos for you!  Despite the time mixup, glitter mess, and extra long session of hiking, I hope you like these first photos of your little one!  I can't wait to meet your little guy!

Hedva and Ron - Mountain View Maternity Photography

Hedva was so cool and fun throughout our email correspondences prior to the photo session that when I finally met her, I felt like she was an old friend. And meeting Ron convinced me that some Southern California Trojan fans are pretty awesome!

They were so creative and we had a bunch of ideas for their photo shoot.

I was excited about all the fun things we could try and glad we were able to implement many of the ideas into their session.



An infant jersey!

Ron and Hedva, you two are one of the sweetest and cutest couples I have had the opportunity to photograph!  Your baby is one lucky girl!