Holding On

I have been thinking about what to write for this blog entry all week.  All... week.  Blogging is a totally foreign concept to me and the thought of writing something to be read by “everyone” (although, let’s face it, only my husband is going to read this) kind of terrifies me. First off, I’m kind of a private person.  I don’t really share my thoughts or feelings with anyone other than a few close family members and friends and, of course, my husband.  He knows me best.  Afterall, he reads my blogs.  I am the type of person who hesitates posting pictures of myself on Facebook even though only my friends (who already know what I look like) will see them.

Second, I don’t think I’m a very good writer.  Not only do I have poor sentence structure and write run-on sentences, I use way too many ellipses, parenthesis, and commas.  And I start sentences with “and.”

Lastly, I just don’t think I’m very interesting.  In fact, I’m actually quite boring.  I'm a mom, I cook, do dishes, go grocery shopping.

But I love taking pictures!  And, although blogging goes against my very nature, in order to pursue something I love to do, I have to at least try connecting with complete strangers who, I hope, will someday become friends.

So, in that spirit, this is me...

... and how I feel right about now.

Maybe we’ll become friends someday.