Baby G - San Francisco Baby Photography

I love babies.  Their innocence and acceptance of the world amaze me.  Plus, they are cute and smell sweet! Because I love babies and I love to take pictures, it should be no surprise that I have a lot of pictures of babies.

Baby G is the son of a good friend of mine and one of my most favorite babies to take pictures of.  He's small but totally works the camera.

This is him working it in utero.

A visit to our place last year ended in a mini photo session.  I mean, look at those piercing blue eyes!

Those fingers look mighty tasty.

Dessert following finger food.

When Baby G celebrated his 1st birthday, we were invited.  Many family members and friends gathered for the celebration.  If anyone knows how to throw a great party, it's Baby G's parents.

Amanda, you've been on my mind.  I miss you guys.  Hopefully we can see eachother soon!

On a somewhat unrelated note, I had a 1 month old baby photo session today.  This should, in part, explain why I have baby photos on my mind as well as my inability to write a cohesive post.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures anyway!