Baby CJ - San Jose Newborn Photography

I LOVE babies.  I think I would have like a million babies if I didn't have an aversion to being pregnant and my husband didn't have an aversion to being Jon Gosselin. I think I just ruined this post by mentioning Jon Gosselin.  On the bright side, this post can only get better at this point.

Where were we?  Oh yes.  I adore babies!  So, it's awesome that my photography gives me an opportunity to experience the precious, yet fleeting, newborn moments time and time again.

And Baby CJ is one special dude.

San Jose Newborn Photography (2)

I arrived at the session, thinking of all the cool poses we could do with Baby CJ but he would have none of it.  He had his own poses in mind.

San Jose Newborn Photography (1)

You see, even at less than a week old, Baby CJ has always been a man with a plan.  Although he was due at the end of 2013, Baby CJ was born in early 2014.  So, technically, he was born in a totally different year than his due date!  This kid is amazing, I tell you!

And his parents are simply in love with him.

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Baby CJ says, "Tick tock, I have places to go, things to do, people to see."

Dear Baby CJ,

If the internet is still around when you're old enough to read this, what the pictures don't show is how your newly-minted parents knelt on the floor to change your diaper.  How they split a cold sandwich because it was more important to capture your first few days of life than to go to the grocery store.  How your mommy calmed you when you cried because you were too cold.  How your parents almost burned down their house because they turned on 2 heaters to keep you warm.

I hope you will always look up to your daddy...

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... and remember the loving embrace of your mommy.

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Welcome (finally) into the world, CJ!  You were worth the wait!

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