Baby N – Los Gatos Baby Photography

Where do I begin with this post?  I thought about just jumping into pictures but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write a little bit about my friend, Janie. Janie and I first met at church a long time ago.  We weren't really close until we became college roommates.  And, as they say, we lived happily ever after.

Janie is like my older sister who is younger than me.  She saw me through my first break-up.  I saw her through a lot of really random funny moments (e.g. ants in her bag of cheetos, I Love Lucy reruns at midnight, cot-sleeping).  Just typing this makes me giggle.  College roommates are special, I think.  Or, at least, Janie is anyway.

I once bought her a bra.

She saw me cry over a bowl of oatmeal.

She was a bridesmaid at my wedding.  I made a slideshow for her's.

And even though she now lives over 2,000 miles away, we talk on the phone regularly.  Growing up, my mom had a few friends from Korea she always kept in touch with... Janie is one of those friends for me.

So when Janie came for a visit a few weeks back, we had a blast talking about everything from our old days at UCLA to motherhood... and, of course, had a mini photo session with her 6-month old cutie, Baby N!

But, first, let me introduce Baby N's awesome hair!

Los Gatos Baby Photography (1)

It was my first time meeting this little guy in person!

Los Gatos Baby Photography (6)

I think he gets his looks from his mommy but his personality from his daddy.  Baby N was such a chill, happy baby... that isn't to say that Janie isn't happy.

Los Gatos Baby Photography (2)

"Should I smile?"

Los Gatos Baby Photography (3)

This may have been when Janie tripped, I'm not sure...

Los Gatos Baby Photography (4)

At 6 months, he is already quite talented on the piano.  Here he is playing a beautiful piece by Rachmaninov.

Los Gatos Baby Photography (5)

Daniel, we missed you!  Thank you for sending your loves to us.  I hope we can all see eachother soon!

Los Gatos Baby Photography (7)