Los Gatos Mommy and Daughter Photography

This is my niece. Los Gatos Mommy and Daughter Photography (1)

Isn't it amazing how fast time flies?

I remember when my niece was born.  I remember the day we took her to the beach for the first time.  I remember her dancing on our wedding day.  I remember her making my mom smile... even from miles away.  I remember teaching her how to wink.

I remember so many things.  Which, if you know me at all, is almost as amazing as how fast time flies.

My oldest sister came up for a visit so we had to take the opportunity to make some memories.

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A few things about my oldest sister.  She is one of the best sisters anyone could ever have.

Growing up, she took care of me while our parents worked.  She would make ramen for me when I got sick.  She would plan entire family trips for us (including renting a minivan that could fit all five of us)... and then drive us around for days.  This was before the internet and Yelp reviews of best places to visit so I have no idea how she even came up with these ideas!  Whenever my parents needed help with anything, she was the one they depended on because not only is she a doting and selfless daughter, she is fluent in English and Korean.

As far as oldest sisters go... I really really lucked out!

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My sister and niece have a special bond for many reasons but I think one of the most significant reasons is that they are both first-born daughters.  There is a profound connection between a mother and her first-born because the first-born child changes a woman into a "mom."

Grace, always remember how much your mom loves you.  Unee, thank you for being such a loving and supportive sister and for always indulging my need to document all parts of this life.

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I love you.  I miss you.