Baby W - San Jose Newborn Photography

A while back, I met Annie and Bryson through some mutual friends. Fast-forward a couple of years and Annie, our mutual friend, Andrea, and I found ourselves all pregnant... and then, fast-forward a few months, we were all new mommies!

We would meet up at one of our houses, nurse our little babies, change multiple diapers, and just talk to eachother.  When I think back on those first few months of motherhood, I think about Annie and Andrea... because they were kind of my touchstones.

Annie and Bryson are really cool parents.  Annie is totally artistic and crafty.  Bryson surfs and skateboards.  Seriously... they are like the hip parents I take notes from.

So, being the cool cats they are, I was so excited and honored when they asked me to take newborn photographs of their newest addition, Baby W!

San Jose Newborn Baby Photography (1)

Baby W was the dreamiest baby... like, literally.  He slept the entire time and probably kept his parents up all night (sorry guys!)  But... look at his little face!

San Jose Newborn Baby Photography (2)

Big brother Nico was enamored with him as well.

San Jose Newborn Baby Photography (4)

I can already see these two being best buds and getting into all kinds of high jinks together.

San Jose Newborn Baby Photography (3)

Annie, Bryson, Nico, and Baby W... thank you for allowing me to take these photographs of you!