Emily and Eric - Monterey Maternity Portrait Photography Session

I met Emily during our first year of law school.  In those 3 years, we went through a lot together (I was going to list some of those things, but I'm still slightly too traumatized to talk about it). Emily is good peeps.  She is perpetually happy and encouraging and beautiful, inside and out.  Seriously.  She's super smart... and she's gorgeous.  Like, just look at her.


But she has a goofy, geeky side too... which probably explains why we are friends.

We attended eachother's weddings and I am honored that she chose me to photograph her maternity portraits.


We met up on the gorgeous, sunny (was it windy?) beaches of Monterey.  The timing was perfect.  I found her and Eric, just strolling along the path as the sun set behind them.  How lucky is that?


Eric and Emily are the perfect match.  I am so happy to know both of them.


Emily and Eric, thank you for trusting me to photograph you during this exciting time in your lives.  But more importantly, thank you, Emily, for being such a good friend throughout all of these years!