I am not a graceful person.   This is the euphemism for saying, in the past, I have been known to stumble.  This is the euphemism for saying I am clumsy. Once, I tripped over my own pinky toe, scurrying to get something out of the oven.  I probably should not be allowed to use the oven.

Today, I had a more clumsy day than usual.  It started this morning, while I was getting a mug out of the cabinet to pour myself some coffee.  I didn't get a good grip and dropped the mug.  Then, while eating breakfast, I flung scrambled eggs all over myself.  The clumsiness followed me through the day and to the night as I spilled hot tea all over the keyboard and mouse (which is why I'm typing this so late tonight).

But being clumsy isn't all that bad.

A few years back, while at a 4th of July event, I stumbled upon The Peelers Band.  I heard them performing from across a park and immediately made a beeline towards the sound.  Imagine the best cover band ever and then times that by one million.  That's The Peelers Band.  I was instantly a groupie... that is, until I looked up what "groupie" meant.

For the next couple of years, I stalk... I mean, non-creepily followed The Peelers Band to their musical performances.

Some were outdoors during the day.


Others were indoors at night.


All of them were awesome.

We soon became friends and we even did a photoshoot!


This picture below is one of the last photos I took of them.

And thus, we came full circle; from Tim running through the grass to Tim wearing sunglasses in the dark.

Since then, The Peelers Band members have somewhat changed and all the members have gone on to do exciting new things (in fact, The Peelers Band now performs at Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas every Saturday night).

But for a brief moment in time, we hung out, listened to music, discussed peeling fruits of varying sizes and shapes and talked about lemurs.

Bryan, Dave, Tim, Talia, Aisha, and Ian, if any of you ever read this, thank you for being such rockstars and for allowing me to photograph you!  It has been a privilege.  Until we meet again, peel on!