Eva and Mike - Maui Wedding Preparation Photography

I don't remember the first time I met Mike. This seems odd to me because he and my husband have known each other a very long time and have been through so much together.  They are kind of best friends forever.  So, you would think, meeting "the best friend" would have been an event that I would remember.

But I don't.

I can only conclude that Mike made me feel so comfortable at that first meeting that it didn't feel like I was meeting him for the first time.  It was like seeing an old friend again.

I distinctly remember the first time I met Eva.

Just kidding.  I don't remember that either.

I do, however, remember the first time Mike met Eva... on their wedding day.

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-51

This was right before we all left for the Haiku Mill, where their amazing wedding photographer was waiting for them.

I had spent the morning capturing Eva and Mike getting ready for their big day.

Eva had her hair and make-up done in the Halawai Lounge with her beautiful bridesmaids.

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-19

I love these girls.

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-22


Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-60

Eva has a twin sister, Joann, who is married.  And Eva wore the same wedding shoes Joann wore on her wedding day.  So sweet.

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-8

Meanwhile, Mike was in another room with his groomsmen, the ring bearer, Alicia, and a little mochi (not pictured).

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-38

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-35

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-47

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-40

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-32

The last two photographs are from my wedding day... no, wait.

Mike and Eva, words can not express how happy I am for the two of you.  Thank you for allowing me to take these photographs of you on your beautiful wedding day.

Maui Hawaii Wedding Preparation Bride Groom-53


Sophie and Darius - Orange County Wedding Photography

I have been to a lot of weddings.  Which is great, because I love weddings!   I love the excitement of two people starting their life together, the warm cozy feeling of love in the air, everybody dressed up, the music, the food… the food… seriously, what is there not to love?  And each wedding, no matter how many weddings I attend, stand out in my mind as original and unique, in its own special way.  Some have been "grand," "colorful," "romantic"... some have even been "wild!" But of all the weddings I have attended, only a few stand out in my mind as being “intimate.”  Sophie and Darius’ wedding is one of those weddings.

From the family and friends who arrived early to help decorate, to the “Just Married” sign over the fireplace, lovingly crafted by Sophie’s late grandfather, there was a personal and meaningful touch to each and every detail that created Sophie and Darius’ big day.

Sophie and Darius chose not to see eachother before the ceremony, so while Darius stayed downstairs, Sophie and her mother, mother-in-law, and bridesmaids/sisters got ready upstairs!  So, Darius, this is a little glimpse of what you missed!

Can't forget the details!

Sophie and Darius had a beautiful outdoor ceremony with only 40 family members and friends in attendance.

As Sophie started her walk down the aisle with her mom and dad/officiant/orator/undercover agent, Darius had this look on his face as he set eyes on his bride for the first time:

Sheer amazement!

Reception followed at Five Crowns Restaurant, where family and friends filled the Crown Room with speeches, laughter, and love for the happy couple.

Their gorgeous rings!

Sophie's sister, Carolyn, made this cake!  Absolutely perfect!

Although Sophie and Darius didn't have much time to spend on portraits, we were still able to sneak in a few photographs.

Sophie and Darius, thank you for allowing me to capture this very special and intimate day for you!  Your family and friends were so sweet and funny and perfectly reflect the type of couple you are!  Congratulations again!

Thanks to the following vendors/ family members and friends for making Sophie and Darius' wedding so memorable!

Venue:  Alison Robbins of Five Crowns Restaurant (Special thanks to the staff members who helped me stay balanced on a chair for some of these photos!)

Florist: Floral Designs by Jerri Disney

Reception Coordinator: Shannon Searles

Officiant: Rick McGough

Cake: Carolyn McGough






Sophie and Darius - Orange County Engagement Photography

A sunny but windy day in Corona Del Mar, it was.* Darius had proposed to Sophie on a lifeguard station overlooking the ocean so this is where their engagement session began.

You can't even tell Sophie and Darius were rock climbing right before this shot was taken...

... or this shot.

I loved how effortlessly Darius made Sophie laugh.  Laugh it up, fuzzballs!*

But my favorite photos of Sophie and Darius were the ones that captured them simply getting lost in eachother.

Sophie and Darius, you two are so sweet together.  I am so happy to have had the opportunity to capture these moments for you.

  • Because Darius is a big fan, my sad attempts to make references to the Star Wars movies, these are.  I apologize, in advance, if the references don't make much sense.  I do have my moments; not many, but I have them.*