Baby L – Los Gatos Newborn Photography

I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing Teresa and Mat's newborn baby girl, Baby L. Baby L is a very special baby for so many reasons.  For one, she could not wait to meet her parents so she came a little early.  In fact, today would have been her birthday!  Happy Would-Have-Been-Your-Birthday, Baby L!

Los Gatos San Jose Newborn Photography (3)

Considering how amazing her parents are, it's no wonder Baby L wanted to see them as soon as she could.  This is Mat and Teresa on their wedding day over 2 years ago.

San Jose Wedding San Juan Bautista

Coming early clearly has its advantages.

More time together.

Los Gatos San Jose Newborn Photography (2)

More time to have your toes tickled and smooched.

Los Gatos San Jose Newborn Photography (6)

More time to be held and loved and cuddled.

Los Gatos San Jose Newborn Photography (7)

Baby L is one smart cookie.

Los Gatos San Jose Newborn Photography (4)

Those first few newborn days are so full of love, excitement, amazement, exhaustion, emotion, craziness... but worth remembering every single moment.

Los Gatos San Jose Newborn Photography (8)

Teresa and Mat, thank you for allowing me to photograph Baby L!  She is so beautiful and I am so happy for you both.

Baby W - San Jose Newborn Photography

A while back, I met Annie and Bryson through some mutual friends. Fast-forward a couple of years and Annie, our mutual friend, Andrea, and I found ourselves all pregnant... and then, fast-forward a few months, we were all new mommies!

We would meet up at one of our houses, nurse our little babies, change multiple diapers, and just talk to eachother.  When I think back on those first few months of motherhood, I think about Annie and Andrea... because they were kind of my touchstones.

Annie and Bryson are really cool parents.  Annie is totally artistic and crafty.  Bryson surfs and skateboards.  Seriously... they are like the hip parents I take notes from.

So, being the cool cats they are, I was so excited and honored when they asked me to take newborn photographs of their newest addition, Baby W!

San Jose Newborn Baby Photography (1)

Baby W was the dreamiest baby... like, literally.  He slept the entire time and probably kept his parents up all night (sorry guys!)  But... look at his little face!

San Jose Newborn Baby Photography (2)

Big brother Nico was enamored with him as well.

San Jose Newborn Baby Photography (4)

I can already see these two being best buds and getting into all kinds of high jinks together.

San Jose Newborn Baby Photography (3)

Annie, Bryson, Nico, and Baby W... thank you for allowing me to take these photographs of you!

Baby M - San Jose Newborn Photography

Last year, I had the great privilege of photographing this beautiful family.  Nicole and Jeff are a lovely couple with a very sweet daughter (and two dogs)... but they had room in their hearts for another baby! So when Nicole contacted me about taking newborn photographs of their new baby boy,  I was so happy for them that I teared up!

I was touched and humbled and honored to take these photographs of Baby M...

San Jose Campbell Los Gatos Newborn Photography (2)

Oh my gosh, I think he just winked at me!

Baby M was such a doll.  He was awake but completely happy throughout the entire session.

San Jose Campbell Los Gatos Newborn Photography (5)

Natalia took to her big sister role effortlessly.

San Jose Campbell Los Gatos Newborn Photography (3)

These two look like they are already best buds.

San Jose Campbell Los Gatos Newborn Photography (1)

Only a week old but already so so so loved from coast to coast.

Mommy and daddy pinky promise to love you forever, Baby M.

San Jose Campbell Los Gatos Newborn Photography (7)Jeff, Nicole, Natalia, Baby M, Bacall, and Honey... thank you for allowing me to capture these significant moments in your lives!  I am so very happy for your family!  What an amazing journey you have begun!

Baby A – Willow Glen Newborn Photography

I always feel so honored when photographing newborns.  Being able to take the first "official" photographs of this tiny person's life is a big deal, isn't it? This is Baby A.

Willow Glen Newborn Photography 3 (1)

I was so excited when I arrived at Marcie and Jimmy's lovely home for this session because, not only did I have the opportunity to hold this beautiful baby girl, I had the chance to take photographs of big brother J as well!

Future heartbreaker, ladies and gentleman.

Willow Glen Newborn Photography 3 (4)

I love seeing siblings together.  It was such a joy watching these two interact with one another.

Is there anything more sweet than a doting brother and his baby sister?

Willow Glen Newborn Photography (6)

Willow Glen Newborn Photography (7)

No... no, there is nothing sweeter.

Although there may be a few things that are just as sweet.

Like a toddler's fingerprints on the window...

Willow Glen Newborn Photography 3 (5)

Like a sleeping newborn...

Willow Glen Newborn Photography 3 (2)

... and her newborn toes.

Willow Glen Newborn Photography 3 (3)

Baby A, thank you for allowing me to take photographs of you... and even giving me a tiny smile?

Willow Glen Newborn Photoraphy (9)

Willow Glen Newborn Photoraphy (8)

And thank you to Jimmy, Marcie and big brother J for inviting me into your home to take photographs of your sweet new addition!

Baby CJ - San Jose Newborn Photography

I LOVE babies.  I think I would have like a million babies if I didn't have an aversion to being pregnant and my husband didn't have an aversion to being Jon Gosselin. I think I just ruined this post by mentioning Jon Gosselin.  On the bright side, this post can only get better at this point.

Where were we?  Oh yes.  I adore babies!  So, it's awesome that my photography gives me an opportunity to experience the precious, yet fleeting, newborn moments time and time again.

And Baby CJ is one special dude.

San Jose Newborn Photography (2)

I arrived at the session, thinking of all the cool poses we could do with Baby CJ but he would have none of it.  He had his own poses in mind.

San Jose Newborn Photography (1)

You see, even at less than a week old, Baby CJ has always been a man with a plan.  Although he was due at the end of 2013, Baby CJ was born in early 2014.  So, technically, he was born in a totally different year than his due date!  This kid is amazing, I tell you!

And his parents are simply in love with him.

San Jose Newborn Photography (7)

Baby CJ says, "Tick tock, I have places to go, things to do, people to see."

Dear Baby CJ,

If the internet is still around when you're old enough to read this, what the pictures don't show is how your newly-minted parents knelt on the floor to change your diaper.  How they split a cold sandwich because it was more important to capture your first few days of life than to go to the grocery store.  How your mommy calmed you when you cried because you were too cold.  How your parents almost burned down their house because they turned on 2 heaters to keep you warm.

I hope you will always look up to your daddy...

San Jose Newborn Photography (3)

... and remember the loving embrace of your mommy.

San Jose Newborn Photography (8)

Welcome (finally) into the world, CJ!  You were worth the wait!

San Jose Newborn Photography (5)

Baby CJ - San Jose Newborn Photography (Sneak Peek)

We had such a blast at Natalie and Carleton's Maternity Session that we decided to keep the party going and take some newborn shots of their little one! I am excited about sharing a couple of pictures from CJ's big debut session but wanted to give Natalie and Carleton some time to first share the photos with their family and friends.

So instead of sweet photos of the newborn baby, I decided to mix it up and share an outtake photo of daddy and big sister Lucy.

I don't normally share outtake photos but this one was... I don't have any words.

San Jose Newborn Session 1


More to come...